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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ID - Identity Disasters!

Further to the ID fiasco of New Labour, it occurs to me that Enoch Powell was right on this matter. When challenged at the gates of the House of Commons to produce ID, Powell said to the policeman, "You know who I am!". Whereupon, the policeman said, "I know, Mr.Powell, but, erm......." and proceeded to explain away the vagaries of nonensical rules.

I too had an interesting time at the bank recently. Whilst rejigging some loans, I was asked for ID ("your passport will do!") as it was a new loan technically. I said, "But you know me!". "Yes, I know we do, but we have to ask, as it's the rules". So I was safe from money-laundering accusations! Relief indeed!!

These biometric tests now apparently have a down on disabled people and black people. They have a much lower recognition factor in both categories. I can understand the logic of having fool-proof passports, but why on earth ID cards with every detail possible on them? Also, if the government says they are not going to insist on people carrying them at all times, how are the police going to believe an innocent Kurd walking down the street?


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