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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Foxy, Cunning, or just plain Devious?

So the Hunting Act, 2004 is being looked at by the police for their health and safety. Gloucestershire and Devon & Cornwall constabularies have released a document, under the Freedom of Information Act, which outlines police concerns about implementing the Act. "Police officers will not routinely be deployed to hunt meetings". They will only be deployed "after a detailed risk assessment". Sounds like they are coming up with excuses why they won't be patrolling the countryside.

New Labour got quite excercised by the issue of hunting. They frothed at the mouth, keen to get at their prey. Tony Blair, the architect of New Labour spun a web better than any. He let them have parliamentary time. Employed the Parliament Act to bulldoze it through. Thought that was his way to help to ban hunting. All the while not actually shifting himself to vote the bill in. Very Foxy! If the policing goes pear-shaped, "not my fault, gov!", as Parliament had pushed the law through! If the police get heavy-handed, "not my fault, gov!", well, he never voted for it!

As I say, very foxy, or is it cunning - or just plain devious?


completely agree... they passed a law that they can't execute!!!!

The police can't patrol towns and cities effectively, where is the manpower going to come from to patrol the countryside too?

Fox Hunting will continue as it has done for hundreds years. I live in the middle of a town but within 10 minutes of driving I can be in such remote places that the police wouldn't find the place on their maps, let alone send a crack anti-hunting force out there.

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