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Friday, June 10, 2005

Insidious standards of New Labour!

New Labour's relentless need for law-making to keep the traditional views of the British in check by exposing them to more "Political Correctness" remains unabated!

The Standards Board, an outfit for those who have nothing better to do, is the top of the list when it comes to meddlesome matties! This is what they are after, with regard to local councillors.

Behaviour covered by the Code of Conduct
a. unlawfully discriminating against someone
b. failing to treat people with respect
c. doing something to prevent those who work for the authority from being unbiased
d. revealing information that was given to them in confidence, or stopping someone getting information they are entitled to by law
e. damaging the reputation of their office or authority
f. using their position improperly, to their own or someone else's advantage or disadvantage
g. misusing their authority's resources
h. allowing their authority's resources to be misused for the activities of a registered political party
i. failing to report another member's misconduct to us
j. failing to register financial or other interests
k. failing to reveal a personal interest at a meeting;
l. taking part in a meeting or making a decision where they have an interest that is so significant m. that it is likely to affect their judgement
n. failing to register any gifts or hospitality that they have received in their role as a member worth over £25

Some of this makes sense but why does a group of interferers have to get involved. Whatever happened to civic honour? I have highlighted the ridiculous parts in italics.

For instance, what on earth does "failing to treat people with respect" mean? Rudeness will soon be stamped on, as in all parts of society. But democratic debate is robust and forthright at times. Do we need a nanny to help us here? Receiving gifts or hospitality over £25. What, councillors can't have meals out where someone pays, without informing teacher? No expensive dining here, please!

This outfit has a fairly Orwellian remit. From their website -

Investigations Department
The Investigations Department follows up allegations of misconduct by members of local authorities made to The Standards Board for England under the Local Government Act 2000. The Investigations team aims to contribute to the improvement of standards of conduct within local authorities, with good quality, robust investigations playing a key role in supporting public confidence in local democracy as it adopts the new ethical framework.

What a country New Labour is turning us into!



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