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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jerry Springer - The Opera

I'm always wary of campaigning to stop people doing things. I'm not really in favour of shouting the odds outside theatres, giving the world the view that Christians are oddballs.

Christian Voice complains that Jerry Springer - The Opera is coming to Birmingham. Well, I'm in the camp that says "You don't have to go". Midlanders can make up their own minds. On their website, Christian Voice claims that "The Enemies of God are all having their say!" That could be so, but I'm not emphatically so sure. My feeling is that they would be better placed trying to win over people by being more Christ-like rather than emulating the antics of the crowd shouting for Barabbas.

The lost sheep are not going to be rounded up by a mixed pack of terriers, rottweillers, and bloodhounds!


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