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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Press "shock" about British suicide bombers!

Today the whole of our national press seems confused, bewildered and shocked at the thought of a British citizen being a suicide bomber. Their sentiments seem bogus to me.

They now say that these men, that the anti-terrorist police have labelled as being the culprits, were ordinary British boys that were just like the rest of us. This is all poppycock. The press are culpable of peddling rubbish at the best of times, but this is giving people the wrong idea totally.

The truth is that the liberal woolly-minded press have never understood the immigrant communities and have never wanted to be part of them. They talk of a multi-cultural society but know nothing at all about the realities of the hopes and desires and fears of second or third generation Muslim boys who have not been able to break out of their, sometimes mind-numbingly, insular inward-looking communities. They are caught between two cultures.

I'd like the editors of the national press to live a year in Sparkbrook, Birmingham to find out really what people think, feel, hope for, and want. But they better not say who they are!

Just to say glibly that everyone is as British as each other is to cover the cracks of society without understanding the truth. It is a cruelty to everyone!

This is what the papers say!



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