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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Shoot to kill policy - E.O.E!

This Saturday afternoon I spent happily walking over Cannock Chase with my family. No cares in the world! Later back at home I put the TV News on to find that the gunned down "bomber" was an innocent Brazilian. My carefree Saturday feeling turned to anger! "Well, are we surprised?", I thought.

The chap had five bullets go into him in front of frightened passengers. Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, claimed that the Met had "very good intelligence" to suggest, at the time, that this was a credible suspect. Well, it didn't suggest he was a Brazilian with NO connections at all with terrorism! It was just such sloppy intelligence work on Iraqi weapons that got Tony Blair into a permanent obfuscation thought process!

Do I currently have confidence in the senior management of the Metropolitan police? No, I do not! I believe some half-wit leader of New Labour told the police that they "should put a lid on it" and make sure no stone is left unturned. The Met move rapidly to catch the culprits. Information pours in and quick judgements are made.

Most people thought they had the right guy. Sky News did! All done and dusted. This rush to get the case solved will lead to mistakes. This is NOT what we want to make us feel safe. We do not want a copycat situation like the Irish miscarriages of justice. We do not want Muslims getting agitated by inept police action. We do not want people gunned down because they look like or might act like terrorists.

We want good intelligence work. We want good evidential work. We want the culprits and future bombers to know they will get caught. Confusion will lead to anarchy. A corner shop has already been burnt out.

Sir Ian Blair and Tony Blair have only a short time to prove they are capable of measuring up!


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