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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Widescreen Wipeout!

I have some pet niggles! In that I am probably not alone. One of them is that, having bought a widescreen TV (not the most expensive, but that's not the point here!) I now find that most cable stations can't be bothered to broadcast in widescreen format. The programmes they are showing, or repeating from the BBC in most cases, have been made in widescreen.

The biggest culprits are UKTV, which the BBC has an interest in, so they should know better, and Challenge TV, which shows "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" in some box like setting. The hapless viewer is either forced to keep the picture on permanent zoom which corrupts the picture quality and cuts out the two questions at the bottom of the picture, or watch a small version in the middle of the screen!!

Why do these TV companies think it OK to show their programmes in such a sub-standard way? Is it cost savings they are after? Surely not! We pay cable/satellite charges and sit through the commercials, so money can't be a problem. If it is, why have so many channels such as UK Style +1 when there is already the same channel showing programmes an hour earlier! The electrical stores are selling more widescreen TVs now. Should they carry a consumer warning? "Not all programmes will fit this TV. Buy only if you realise you are in for a shock!"

If you think the TV Stations should shape up by shaping the pictures properly, let them know!


Challenge TV


An email to Flextech will do you for UKTV and Challenge as they own the latter and part own the former.

One thing that's worth checking is the settings on your cable box. Do you have the screen size set to widescreen on the cable box as well as the TV?

When I had Telewest and a wide screen TV, I found that most programmes were broadcast in Widescreen - especially Flextech channels which Telewest owns.

Do you have Telewest or NTL? Solihul is Telewest area isn't it?

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