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Monday, August 22, 2005

Blair in Barbados

Tony Blair decided to go on holiday to Barbados, but fearing that half the world may want to cause him harm or upset his eqilibrium, he told Downing Street not to say where he was. The press were dutifully bound not to tell tales but most reported yesterday his vacation as a hide-and-seek episode.

What a prat we have for a Prime Minister! Once on the island, he decided he would attend a memorial service yesterday to mark the contribution of Barbadians to the Second World War. Today a Number 10 spokeswoman said: "Since the prime minister arrived in Barbados, the Barbados Legion asked the prime minister to attend a memorial service yesterday evening to mark the contribution of Barbadians to the war. The prime minister accepted the invitation to attend. As this was a public event, his protection team accept the location of his holiday will be reported."

So much for not being seen in public! It was a very good thing for him to attend, but his thought processes leave a lot to be desired! The country is sadly too often at the mercy of his topsy-turvy thinking.

It is not only the Prime Minister that needs a holiday. Faded and Jaded Labour needs a permanent vacation!



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