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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Flying the Flag?

<< The Devon Flag flies high!!

If one is American then flying the flag is as natural as eating apple pie or driving the freeway. It's part of the culture. Most American homes fly a flag in one way or another, even if it just hangs from a window. In England, however, it is a different matter. Pointyheads from the local council have always decided that this is something they decide on, and in some councils where "foreign" ideas hold sway, a householder can expect a knock on the door from a clipboard-carrying character who points out that it is "against the law"!

In some areas the Union Flag is deemed racist, in others the English flag is seen as devisive. I would say "Evil to him who evil thinks" which is the motto "Honi Soit Qui Mal Pense" of King Edward III. Patriotism is not the same as naked aggressive nationalism, which these sorry busybodies confuse with ease.

The new Devon flag came in for some flak! Regional flags like those in Devon, devised by BBC Devon Online users, and Cornwall's flag of St Piran, are classed as advertising and need planning consent. Advertising what exactly? A regional version of British Airways? Let's get all this nonsense put aside and let's be proud of our heritage!



Never let any busy body little hitler tell you that you can't fly a CoSG at your home. The Town and Country Planning Act does not include national flags and the CoSG is explicitly mentioned as a national flag. the only thing the council can do about your flag is make you take down your flag pole if it's unsafe or breaches planning regulations.

It's got to be an unmodified CoSG though - one with England written on it, for example, would fall under the act.

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