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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Londoner in Blair's Kangaroo Court!

In Blairite Britain, free speech and trenchant opinions are fast going to hell in a handbasket! New laws on inciting religious hatred are being brought in which will impinge on satirical comment and comedic opinion. Already on the statute book is a law outlining what elected officials from non-Westminster authorities may be guilty of. It is in the hands of The Standards Board for England, that glorious organisation of Blairite weasel wordsmiths. Their website opens with the line "Confidence in local democracy is a cornerstone of our way of life. It can only be achieved when elected and co-opted members of local authorities are seen to live up to the high standards the public has a right to expect from them. The Standards Board for England is responsible for promoting high ethical standards and investigating allegations that members' behaviour may have fallen short of the required standards."

What are the required standards? Well, only these pointy-heads seem to know! They don't apply to some of the shady characters in Westminster, led by Blair, who's grasp of the truth is somewhat limited! Not much "living up to the high standards the public has a right to expect" there! Blair's Iraq escapade would have the Standards Board on pep pills 24/7 if they were ever charged with enquiring into his misdemeanours!

Now they have it in for the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. His crime? Well, he said to an Evening standard reporter, who was harrassing him bigtime, that he was "like a German war criminal". It may have been offensive, but robust remarks are made in the heat of the moment. Mr.Livingstone apologised later for causing offence.

The whole problem now is the interference of a panel of so called experts who will judge whether Mr.Livingstone should be suspended as Mayor. They should fold their busybodying tent and go and do some proper work. Debate and the electorate should decide Ken's fate or otherwise. It is not up to a court of self-appointed knowalls to pass judgement.

Remember, only 21.6% of eligible voters gave positive support to this deceitful government in May. Wonder when the rest of us will really take notice?

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