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Monday, September 12, 2005

Politics of Sex and Greed!

It used to be said that the Conservatives had a problem with sex and the Socialists had a problem with money! John Major certainly knew all about that when it came to keeping the lid on his ministers' goings-on and trying to keep the genie in his own testosterone bottle. It became a case of telling the nation one thing about decorum and Tory bigwigs consorting with secretaries, prostitutes, other peoples' wives, and, in one case, three women on the trot! No wonder the country felt it had all got a bit sleazy.

Labour politicians on the other hand, apart from David Blunkett, have always had a problem with money. They seem keen to keep their own voters from getting it, but are quick to make it or take it themselves.

Tony Blair heads up this New Labour money machine. Most of his pals are good at blurring the boundaries of probity and proper behaviour. On his recent holiday to the Caribbean (the one that nobody should have known about!) he fetches up with a certain Russell Chambers. Chambers is a financier who has done rather well by knowing what's going to happen when in the New Labour kingdom. In addition, Chambers has secured for his company, UBS Warburg, lucrative advising roles which seem to have come about by just being there!

Christopher Grayling, the Shadow leader of the Commons said "There has to be a real question about whether it is right or sensible for somebody in this position to have such close links with No 10." All too right, I say! When Blair came to power he used the catchy tune "It can only get better" but I think he was referring to the gravy train rather than the implied suggestion that the country required honourable governance.

Mr. Grayling goes on to opine "The really big worry in all of this is that the Prime Minister does not seem to understand the potential conflict of interest here." All too right, again! Blair seems to have a "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth" approach to it all. Basically, he just doesn't get it. That's why we need him to go and take his cronies with him!


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