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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Should Gordon Brown get a free ride?

A lot of commentators seem to think that Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, should get a free ride into the job of Prime Minister. But is this fair or democratic for Labour Party members? I could say, I'm not bothered as I'm not a Blairite, or a Socialist, or Old Labour! But should the brothers and sisters get a choice or will Tony Blair suddenly blurt out "Brownie! You're doing a heck of a job! You take over now". In our dreams, I think.

I'm not so keen to see Gordon get the top job. OK he was promised by Blair in that cheesy compromise in the Granita restaurant that he would "hand over" but Blair reneged and Brown couldn't step up to the plate and tell Blair to go! Brown is appearing more tired and is overseeing a financial timebomb! I'm more interested in seeing others enter the fray.

Jack Straw has a good deal of international experience and political stature.
David Blunkett is a good straight talker who probably wouldn't spin so much.

However, the list is not inspiringly great. But when Blair goes there must be a contest and not a coronation!



Blunket has mumbled a few things about St George and England and we haven't had a blind PM before. In fact, we'd probably be the first country to have one which would show the world how inclusive we are. Shame he's not an Asian woman in a wheelchair otherwise the job would be in the bag.

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