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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Spinning won't top this!

I always thought Tony Blair was the least suitable man ever to occupy No 10 Downing Street. I always knew I was not alone. There was the Conservative Party, the LibDems, Gordon Brown and most of Old Labour! Now it appears the ranks have been swelled by cabinet ministers, Catholic clerics and Her Majesty the Queen. Oh, and most of Iraq! It only needs the Army to get thoroughly hacked off with him and his days are completely numbered!

His big mistake was to spin truth rather than to speak it. He has always seemed to be fearful of anyone going "off message" and he used the rather odious Alistair Campbell as his bully boy and spinmeister! Well, now two books are out. If we believe only half of what is in The Spin Doctor's Diary Blair comes out looking like the man who is prepared to corrupt the British political system for his own advantages.

Lance Price, a natural New Labour supporter, and no journalistic greenhorn has seen Campbell and Blair in action, as he was one of their team. Price portrays Blair as a spiteful individual, launching into a foul-mouthed tirade against a senior Catholic cleric who dares question his wisdom. And Blair, Price makes clear, is at the very heart of a mendacious culture of deception and spin. So do we know anything new. Not really, I think. Most people in Britain have this opinion now, and it is a very sad fact that we are where we are! I will read Price's book and I suggest others should too. It will crystallise what we have grown to know and resent.

In another book, we are told that his wife denounces Princess Anne as a "bitch" and regarded Princess Diana as 'an airhead'! Cherie Blair is distinctly anti-monarchist and appears to conceal nothing of her views when a guest of the Queen. Author Paul Scott makes the claims in his book Tony & Cherie: A Special Relationship.

What have we done as a country to deserve all this? No other occupants of No. 10 have ever behaved so discourteously to both Monarch and Nation! Mr. Blair does have the talent of appearing electable and of being elected, but at what cost? None of his election victories have been ringing endorsements! It has been a divided opposition that has allowed this to happen! Only 21.6% of the eligible voters actively supported Blair this year in May.

One senior civil servant told The Mail on Sunday, "Officials in No 10 met last week and decided to go for Price's jugular by claiming he is a liar and fantasist. They know he isn't, but they have read the book and are horrified at what people will think."

We need a system to save us from all this web of deception!

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