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Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is Truth?

Interesting subject truth is! Pontius Pilate was concerned enough to ask the question. In the UK, a party was launched earlier this year to promote truth in politics, namely Veritas! It has since succumbed to terrible infighting and a lot of untruthful things being said about each other!

Tony Blair has been on record as saying that "most people who meet me think I'm a regular kind of kind who is pretty honest and straight". Trouble is that most of the nation that hasn't met him think otherwise! George Bush has a similar problem.

Now there are some things that politicians say that are either "terminoligical inexactitudes" or are considered as being "economical with the truth". Two such hapless characters are Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary and FEMA boss, Michael Brown. Both are now saying that there was no way anyone could have foretold the amount of havoc that has been wrought. Yet CNN did an expose showing how many times these guys should have read the warnings of eminent scientists, engineers and planners. The truth has obviously caused Chertoff and Brown to have fallen for this strange amnesia illness that's going around!

And to cap it all, many Americans seem to be in total denial of these warnings! This from the BBC site, commenting about BBC reporting -

This article is so wrong-headed, it is hard to even begin to criticize it in a short space, other than to say it is written by an anti-Bush foreigner who has little understanding of America. Bush was right: no-one could have predicted when this devastating storm would hit. I don't blame anyone for the tragedies of nature. David Augustine, Mendham, NJ

Mr. Augustine is seemingly unaware that the world outside the USA is fast picking up the feeling that many Americans will be in denial until something or someone actually knocks them out of their comfort zone of unreality. The one thing that Katrina has done, other than to wreak havoc, is to expose the great fault line between truth-seekers and truth-concealers!



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