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Monday, November 21, 2005

Alfred the Great!

Today Alfred Anderson died in a nursing home in Angus, Scotland. Normally most people who die are only known to family and friends. Some not even to this number. Alfred was a bit different as he was famous for being Scotland's oldest man and has been a "star" of several recent TV programmes on the Great War, in which Alfred participated and eventually witnessed the Christmas truce of 1914 when British and German troops climbed out of their trenches in France and walked across the mud of no-man's-land to shake hands. He lived a long life, met the high and the low of society, took tea with Prince Charles and was, at 109, in finer shape than men old enough to be his grandson!

The Reverend Neil Gardner, of Alyth Parish Church, in Perthshire, said "Alfred passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning. He was Scotland's oldest man but he remained lucid almost until the end. He was a very gracious and unassuming man. Alfred was a fine old soldier who was a brilliant example of old world courtliness. He was the last surviving veteran anywhere to have served in the First World War in 1914 and lived a truly remarkable life."

And I think we are enriched, through the modern media, to have had a glimpse of this remarkable life!



Thank you for dropping by. :)
And yes, we are enriched by this read!

The intro bit about "The Forest of Arden" is quite interesting. Reminded me of Robinhood!

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