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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bradford Shooting Shock!

Yesterday the Yorkshire city of Bradford was thrown into shock at the brutal killing of a young policewoman, only a year or two into the job. Her colleague, just as new to policing, was badly injured. Naturally there is revulsion at such a crime. We can only feel a tiny part of the grief now being experienced in that community.

My thoughts turned last night to the likely "inquiry" that will eventually happen. It is interesting that in an area of ethnic diversity, the news reporting goes very odd, to say the least. By this I mean innuedo creeps in rather than factual news. It seems likely, although not confirmed, that the robbers were of Asian descent. This was not stated but every kind of Asian representative was pumped in a sly way to try to get them to reveal something! This is a very cynical approach to news gathering. Asian people are no less law abiding than anyone else. But it is not a good idea to use weasel words in reporting, in a bid to get a revelation of some kind!

Then there is the "panic button" used by the travel agent. This must be a cause of concern, as these young women knew nothing apparently of the nature of the call they were responding to. And then there is the amount of cash in the travel agent that attracted the robbers in the first place. The Asian business fraternity does do a lot of cash transactions. This may be a wake-up call for them to rely more on cheques and credit cards and for the banks to avail themselves of the services that these business people require!



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