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Monday, January 23, 2006

Abu Hamza in the dock

I'm beginning to think that putting Abu Hamza on trial is faintly ridiculous. But then the whole Blair regime is faintly ridiculous, with it's spinning, cheating, deceptions, and ambivalence to the truth. Hamza may be a rough bluff overweight cleric, but I think it was not a good idea trying him in a court of law. The hapless prosecutor David Perry does his best, but the nuances of legal English are seemingly lost on Hamza and Hamza's canny use of middle eastern imagery make the prosecution look a little bit hamfisted.

What on earth did they think they would gain by all this? On another front the CPS (who make justice look like a lottery) have declined to prosecute Iqbal Sacrani, of the Muslim Council, for his "homophobic views". Probably thought a hornet's nest would fall on them!

Instead of going after the real criminals, those that beat up dissenting voices within the Muslim community, drug barons, people traffickers (the dozy Tony McNulty, Home Office minister, has lost touch on immigration), and all the other misery makers, Blair's lot have made a real mess of dealing with free speech, democratic rights, and citizenship.

The daily bloodshed in Iraq is not something that Blair has NO responsibility for. He thought he, and George Bush, would be doing Iraq a favour. His actions are rather like a cricket umpire refereeing a football match. That is, not likely to work well in the first place!



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