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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Renditions and Renditions!

The Americans have almost certainly been up to some kind of "rendition", as they rather quaintly put it, which has resulted in the secret transport of prisoners via Europe to third countries where they may have been tortured . So says Swiss MP Dick Marty, who has been doing a report for the human rights watchdog the Council of Europe. Abu Hamza is doing a "rendition" in court on a daily basis. When asked if there were Jihad training camps in the UK, Hamza dismissed it as "a silly idea".

So there may be camps for Jihadists, there may not. There may be camps for the USA, there may not. There is definititely Guantanamo, which is a blot on the landscape of America's justice process. Don't we hear US crime and legal shows talking of "due process"? Where is it now?

Can anyone seriously say where this so called War On Terror is going?



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