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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Speaking My Mind!

New Labour's attempt to muzzle free speech was given a smack in the face tonight. The third-rate placeman, Paul Goggins, who moonlights as a Home Office minister, told MPs that moves to combat religious hatred would not damage freedom of speech and only those who intending to "stir up hatred" would be caught by the government's plans. It's all Alice in Wonderland stuff from a government that is so flaky on truth that they have to resort to Oliver Cromwell tactics to keep us in line.

Well, I'm glad these knee-jerk losers got a drubbing. Maybe they might just think a bit in future before fobbing us with daft ideas. They only did it to assuage perceived Muslim upset. Well, in a democracy robust debate is perfectly OK. I'd rather be called a ****** or a *****, than have my hands cut off or whipped within an inch of my life!

Oh dear, too much free speech. Goodnight, folks!



Careful - the government's number 1 enemy - ahead of terrorists - has been identified as middle england.

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