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Friday, February 03, 2006

Justice? or What?

So Nick Griffin and his cohort from the BNP got off. I didn't really expect anything else. The politically charged CPS is now going for a second bite of the cherry, as Griffin and friend are now out on bail pending further events. The jury were undecided on two counts. Seems the New Labour lot are determined to see off Griffin and his bunch in the courts and not via the ballot box. This is probably because if he is legally allowed to say such things then their constituencies with large muslim votes could be affected. Also, the Blairites do not want Griffin poaching white working class votes.

All that said, what about the crowds in London as I bang this out. Shouting about the Danes and others. "You will pay with your blood! Your heads will be cut off! etc, etc." Not very nice just after Friday prayers!

Will that great war apologist Jack Straw say something? Will the chief scout, I mean Home Secretary, arrest anyone? Not likely? Because they believe in free speech, don't they?



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