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Monday, February 20, 2006

Spinning or just plain lying?

The cheesy geezer we have for a prime minister has a track record in making people think things are better than they are and that the truth needs his magic touch so that our brain cells get a makeover par excellence. On Channel 4 tonight, we were given an excellent programme by Peter Oborne concerning Blair's approach to terrorism. It seems more a case of using the thought of terrorism to bolster his image rather than any real attempt to crack this pernicious nut.

Blair has succeeded in:-

1. Upsetting the vast majority of Muslim people in the UK
2. Creating myth and fable out of police raids on suspected terrorists
3. Treating his cabinet colleagues in a shabby manner (denied on camera by these hapless wonders).

Lady Falkner, a Liberal Democrat peer, sat on committees reflecting the issues of terrorism and commented in the programme that she had confronted Blair on the fact that the Iraq War has indeed polarised opinion in some parts of the Muslim community. Blair moved on as if this was a topic that was tantamount to treason.

The police raid on Iraqi Kurds in Manchester on the spurious grounds that they were terrorists hellbent on blowing up Manchester United's football ground came to nought. Greater Manchester police are now on a monk-like silence, but it appeared this "raid" was something to assist Blair's political agenda. Of course Blair hasn't said anything about the Iraqi Kurds, who fled Saddam Hussein, only to get a politicised police force in the UK knocking on their doors at the early hours of dawn in order to ask imbecilic questions about domestic items such as TV extension cables. The Kurds were released without charge but not before the media was given a good dose of Blairite mythology.

Crispin Black, a man who knows his onions on terrorism and spooks, thinks the intelligence services are woefully lacking in an understanding of how to deal with the new terrorist threat and with Blair's cunning. Old style soviet spookery won't do, neither will giving Blair straight answers about the threat!

This programme really makes me mad that we allow such a wily fox to be sitting in Downing Street. Blair will be closing down channel 4, for sure, as they seem to reveal so much of his skullduggery.



And the Ignorant Jock has promised to continue Saint Tony's work ...

why don't you guys give him a break.

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