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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two Wrongs? Do they make a right?

So the Islamic world is in turmoil over cartoons. Some seek revenge, some seek calm, but nearly all are talking about it. The young man, one Omar Khayam, who took to the streets of London shouting the odds, claiming his very soul was seared now turns out to be a convicted drug dealer. How does he square Islamic beliefs with ruining other peoples lives with crack cocaine just because he is a greedy felon? Probably thought he wan't going to be found out. And this revelation has apparently spared the politically-motivated high command of the Metropolitan Police from bringing any charges for breaches of the peace or incitement to murder. Seeking to behead your foes is small beer to the Met.

According to the BBC, "he was arrested and recalled to prison for breaching the terms of his licence. Khayam apologised for his "insensitive" protest on Monday. A Bedfordshire Police (his home force) spokesman said Khayam was arrested under the Criminal Justice Act 2003 at the request of the Home Office. He was given five and a half years in prison in December 2002 for dealing cocaine and heroin."

He was arrested at the request of the Home Office! Was anything said about the death threats? I very much doubt it! Those reading this should be aware of the nature of policing in Blair's Britain. Don't rock the Muslim Vote is the mantra. This is wrong and it should be stated as such.

Blair keeps on telling us about his interpretation of Islam, but it would be better coming from some Imam or spritual leader that could be seen as the authentic voice. Even if there was dissension from the core beliefs, and we all know that the Chief Rabbi doesn't speak for all Jews and the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't hold sway with all Christians, those Muslims looking to a "Chief Imam" could be freed from the temporary lunacies of such young men as Omar Khayam, who is definitely NOT a sceptic like his namesake Omar Khayyám!



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