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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beginning of the End?

It seems the past week has been a time of reckoning for New Labour and its followers. Tony Blair says God will judge him on Iraq. Absolutely! But we will all face that day for our deeds, good, bad or indifferent! Blair didn't seem to find out if his prayers led him to believe the dossier on Iraq was dodgy or not. His happy go lucky attitude on Michael Parkinson's show has opened up a whole new feeling in the country that Blair is out of touch with the reality of the daily events in the UK.

Tessa Jowell dumps her husband and seems quite at ease about it all. She smiles sweetly as if she has just perfected the best ever Victoria sponge cake! Yet New Labour has its various snouts in more financially full troughs than ever the Tories could dream of. Where are the real socialists now? Not a pipsqueak out of them! Are they so besotted with this cheesy lot or are they keeping their powder dry? Hmm!!

Having been a natural spinner of the facts to suit himself over the years, Blair now seems to have the magic coming unstuck. The NHS is £800 million adrift with the chief executive going on sick leave, or gardening leave, or whatever. The local councils are being stiffed on cash! What's new? The police are getting so politically correct that they send officers round to fuss over shopkeepers' displays. And the chief of ACPO has no real sense of public outrage over the Stockwell shooting. He can't even bring himself to say sorry. He thinks the whole thing is just dandy. We'd do it again "to safeguard the public". Well, wasn't Jean Charles de Menezes a member of the public. They got that wrong. How come they won't again if they don't learn anything?

Blair's Britain is one of spin, sleeze, and a supine state of affairs. With little over one-fifth of the electorate supporting him, we are saddled with him squandering our prosperity under a cloud of simpering platitudes.

Thank goodness David Cameron has awoken to this prospect and is breathing a bit of life back into the Tories. And Ming Campbell, with his forensic approach to the law, can add his ten cents to the pot and expose Blair's daily deceits!!

Police window shopping tactics! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hereford/worcs/4770800.stm

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