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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bombay? No - Mumbai! We're the BBC!

Ten politically incorrect names for the BBC to cogitate whilst they tell us about the cricket in...MUMBAI.

Bombay Dreams http://www.reallyuseful.com/rug/shows/bombaydreams/
Bombay Duck http://www.bombay-duck.co.uk/background.htm
Bombay Hospital Journal http://www.bhj.org/
Bombay Sapphire (Gin) http://www.bombaysapphire.com/validate_age.aspx
Bombay Stock Exchange http://www.bseindia.com/
Bombay Natural History Society http://www.bnhs.org/
Bombay High Court http://hcbom.mah.nic.in/
Bombay Club http://www.bombayclub.com/home.html
Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry http://www.bombaychamber.com/
Bombay Chartered Accountants' Society http://www.bcasonline.org/

plus Holiday Inn Bombay http://www.holidayinnbombay.com/

Any search of the internet will reveal that it is not compulsory to say Mumbai as vast numbers recognise the name of Bombay and countless Indians still say it. Why then does the BBC make out that Bombay is a place they have never heard of?


I know I have challenged them on this before, for instance you never here them call Wales, Cymru. which one assumes is the correct pronunciation. Never mind the world cup is being held in Deutschland.

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