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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Apprentice - Down to the Last Four!

(In the Boardroom!)

Sir Alan Sugar: "Well, how do you think you performed on this task? Tony, you were the project manager"
Tony: I think, well, with the current situation, we performed well, that is considering the project was...."
Sir Alan: "I heard you was not that interested"
Tony: "No, that's not true, I was hands on all the way through"
Sir Alan: "Charles, was Tony a good project manager?"
Charles: "I can't answer that, but I will say that, all things considered, and seeing that time was of the essence, I was able to rectify any ommissions...."
Sir Alan: "I can see we're not getting very far on this one. John, you were supposed to be Tony's deputy, but seems you were more keen on the secretaries."
John: "It was a lapse, Sir Alan...."
Sir Alan: "A lapse!!!!!"
John: "Yes, it won't happen again. Pauline is devastated"
Sir Alan: "This is what troubles me, John, too much having your mind on other things! And you, Patricia, I hear you got a right good hecklin', couldn't please them at all!"
Patricia: "Actually, Sir Alan, I think I performed rather well!"
Sir Alan: "You do, do you! Charles, did you read the bloody memo sent to you about those foreign prisoners?"
Charles: "Yes, I did, but I..."
Sir Alan: "Look, I've heard enough. This is as I see it. John, you don't seem to keep your eye on the ball, you aren't a team player and I can't afford anyone who causes embarrassment the way you did. Patricia, you should have prepared better by being more capable of phrasing your speech to those nurses better. Tony, you worry me, you really do. You're erratic, disorganised and don't appear capable of proper leadership. You've got flashes of genius but you're trouble, I told you last week! Look' I'm strugglin' here, quite frankly I'd like to sack the lot of you, but Charles, you had the memo, you told me you'd improve the situation, and quite frankly, you failed to step up when your chance came, and you blew it. Charles! You're fired!!!"


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