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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A really cheesy decision!!

The government is considering altering the compensation payouts for those innocent people wrongly convicted. Whilst no amount of compensation will suffice the wrong done to such people (the worst nightmare to befall any person in this world other than gratuitous torture!) it does help to restore them to their previous position.

As usual, the government is seeking to cheesepare whilst missing the point entirely. Those who SUFFER the consequences of crime MUST be adequately catered for. There has to be a properly funded compensation board.

However, being wrongly convicted is the most soul destroying thing to happen. Remember Stefan Kiszko? Well, he was properly kippered by the state because he fitted the profile the police and prosecuting authorities wanted. Have they ever said sorry?

If Blair wasn't so involved in Iraq he wouldn't need to have the Home Office come up with such a horrid plan! Both the victims of real crime and those wrongly convicted could both get justice from fair compensation! If one of these Home Office mandarins was found to be wrongly prosecuted and convicted, would they smile sweetly and accept it all? I don't think so!



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