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Friday, May 26, 2006

Aroma Therapy!

Going through the Sunday papers on a Thursday evening, I chanced upon a column in one of the magazines inserted into the Mail on Sunday. Carol Caplin's got a column! Nice work if you can get it! Remember her? She was the guru who gave Cherie Blair insights into the universe. It is alleged that Tony joined in to witness the sessions of therapeutic wonders.

In her column she answers three souls who have problems. The first line of each answer could have been something she might have said in Tony's presence.

Answer 1. "This appears to be what is called trauma-induced anticipatory anxiety, which I am confident can be treated by a new type of therapy" - Could this be Tony's fear of Dave Cameron's Home Office inquisition?

Answer 2. "Do you live in a fantasy land?" - Possibly a reference to hands-on governing or hands-off governing? Both are touchy subjects for New Labour!

Answer 3. "It's not only about her ruining you both financially - you are being a total wimp and seem to have been from the start of this relationship." - Oh dear! Too many book signings and lecture tours, no doubt!

Carol then obligingly offers information about Hopi Indian ear candles and where to get them. Perhaps they might be good for ailments such as Ministerial Deafness and Tony's Auricular Syndrome. The country is crying out for a real herbal remedy!



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