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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guantanamo Poll

I thought I would close this poll as we'd got to 57 replies. A kind of Heinz variety! The answers show a decisive number in favour of the place stating put, which is what I figure will probably happen until Bush leaves office. This was the way the 57 were recorded -

It carries on as normal - we've got a war to fight! = 25 (43.9%)
I don't really care! = 16 (28.1%)
Prisoners get let out and the US Government/Bush go before a War Crimes trial in the Hague = 6 (10.5%)
The UN goes in to see what's been happening? = 6 (10.5%)
Be closed down immediately - no questions asked? = 4 (7%)

I've started a new poll which may be more for a UK audience, but knowing that Blair is a "guest" on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, it could have a wider audience!


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