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Friday, May 05, 2006

Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic?

So Blair gets a drubbing at the election. Instead of reflecting on the "local" voting decisions, he spirits himself away in his bunker to reshuffle the cabinet. What on earth for? Nobody has heard a dickie-bird from him about the election. Too shattered, I suppose.

Now Charles Clarke, who was apparently so much wanted that the Prime Minister stated as much in the Commons on Wednesday, is summarily sacked the following night. Whilst it was Clarke who presided over the cock-ups, it's his spivvy boss who's the real culprit. On Wednesay he pats Charles Clarke on the back, then stuffs him a day later. Clarke is right to feel more than just miffed! If I were him I'd use the Commons as the place to tell Blair what's what.

And Jack Straw gets demoted (too much in the Brown camp?), Geoff Hoon is demoted, and the trouserless Prescott gets to do sod all but keeps his government house, his car, his salary, and his perks. What exactly is Blair thinking of? Will all this make a diference?

Those in the Labour Party who sussed this chancer are unfortunately in early graves. Mo Mowlam recognised his duplicity, Robin Cook had him down as if a schoolboy let loose in the headmaster's study, and Donald Dewar was always uncertain of him. The Labour Party has never really fitted well with Blair's "policies". His only worth was making the party electable. In that he cannot be denied his value. But a chancer he will always be.

He is a person who gets more kicks out of being a rebel who isn't totally accepted. Joining the Labour Party was rebellious, so was joining CND, and being anti-EU was just as rebellious!! (Read his 1983 election address for Sedgefield (link below) - before money and power corrupted!) He's been a rebel at school, as an early pop idol wannabee, and with so many other things.

Rearranging his cabinet won't do any good. The press, TV, and whole country have him down as someone who's time in office is over. This sad pantomime will continue for yet awhile, I fear, but he will only get more trouble if he stays.

And when he does go the Labour Party should get a choice of leader, not a shoe-in for Gordon Brown. Democracy not autocracy!



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