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Friday, June 30, 2006

By-Election Blues

Yesterday saw the results of the by-elections in Bromley & Chislehurst and Blaenau Gwent. Both the Conservatives and Labour got a bruising, more so Labour. In Blaenau Gwent they still are seen as Fake Labour! The ever-grinning Hazel Blears, now Chairperson of the Blairite Party, said that Labour did not "have time to turn it around" meaning they have no clue how to get voters to support a party that has had the temerity to lie and spin since it was first elected. People are now getting wise to them. Trish Law, the widow of the former MP, said her victory as AM and that of Dai Davies as the new MP were "victory for honesty and integrity".

In Bromley, Bob Neill, the Conservative candidate berated the Liberal Democrats as vindictive and suggested they "look in a mirror". But Bob, they nearly beat you, so you are really having a go at the electorate. Not a good move! In 1966 Brigadier Terence Clarke, on losing his seat in Portsmouth, opined from the balcony of the town hall "you're all bloody fools!" which is not a recommended election night speech.

UKIP came in third but did not do nearly as well as they predicted. 22% was it to be? Possibly too much about Bob and Europe when it could have been about local issues? And spare a thought for Steven Uncles, valiantly carrying the English Democrats banner. He needn't dispair! The Greens started out like this, on low votes, and they have prospered a bit!


Bromley & Chislehurst

Robert (Bob) NEILL - Conservative 11,621 40.00%
Peter ABBOTTS - Liberal Democrat 10,988 37.82%
Nigel FARAGE - UK Independence Party 2,347 8.08%
Rachel REEVES - Labour - 1,925 6.63%
Ann GARRETT - Green Party 811 2.79%
Paul WINNETT - National Front 476 1.64%
John HEMMING-CLARKE - Independent 442 1.52%
Steven UNCLES - English Democrats 212 0.73%
John CARTWRIGHT - Monster Raving Loony Party 132 0.45%
Nicholas HADZIAANIS - Independent 65 0.22%
Anne BELSEY - Money Reform Party 33 0.11%

Conservative Majority - 633

Blaenau Gwent (Westminster)

David (Dai) DAVIES - Independent 12,543 46.17%
Owen SMITH - Labour 10,059 37.03%
Steffan LEWIS - Plaid Cymru 1,755 6.46%
Amy KITCHER - Liberal Democrat 1,477 5.44%
Margrit WILLIAMS - Conservative 1,013 3.73%
Alan HOPE - Monster Raving Loony Party 318 1.17%

Independent Majority 2,484

Blaenau Gwent (Welsh Assembly)

Trish LAW - Independent 13,785 50.33%
John HOPKINS - Labour 9,321 34.03%
Steve BARD - Liberal Democrat 2,054 7.50%
John PRICE - Plaid Cymru 1,109 4.05%
John BURNS - Conservative 816 2.98%
John MATTHEWS - Green Party 302 1.10%

Independent Majority 4,464

Interesting how the voters in Blaenau Gwent didn't quite vote the same in each election. Some voting for two different parties is very evident. Here's by-elections in quotes !


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