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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Operation Volga! How to be intelligent?

I'm glad I came across the Police Oracle Forums. Wow! It's all here folks!

Steven gives a good post -

MAN with an IQ of just 69 is believed to be the trigger behind the bungled terror raid in Forest Gate, East London. Ex-waiter Mohammed Abu Bakr Mansha, 22, was a childhood pal of the two brothers arrested in the dawn swoop by police two weeks ago. In January he was jailed for six years for terror offences - and even described in court as an "utter incompetent". Soon afterwards, friends of brothers Abul Kahar, 23, and Abul Koyair, 20, visited him at top-security Belmarsh, South-East London.
And, the Sunday Mirror has learned, that meeting sparked a surveillance operation on the men by the security services. According to a friend of the brothers, they laughed at constantly being followed. Our source said: "It was so obvious we treated it as a joke." Then new information came through, said to include detailed drawings of a suicide vest. That led to Operation Volga - the botched police operation to arrest
the brothers, which led to Kahar being shot. After seven days in custody they were released without charge amid claims of incompetence and brutality. Friends of the men believe dim Mansha was the trigger for the extraordinary operation.

Tony Blair ought to meet up with dim Mansha to congratulate him for such outstanding services to the community. After all, our esteemed Prime Minister was 101% behind all this!

Is he still?


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