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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Please Don't Take My Baby!

Tonight the BBC broadcast on the Real Story further developments in the case of Norfolk Social Services versus the Hardingham family. This is a very tragic case indeed! In fact it made me quite angry. Whatever the need for intervention by the social services, they have come across as self-serving zealots with little or no caring for human feelings. The Hardingham's solicitor was excluded from meetings and he declared this to be "against natural justice".

I think the face of Harriet Harman, the minister in charge of any change in the family law and who appeared on the programme, showed how troubling this has become. Those who work in social services seem to be stuck on a path of "we know best because we know best" and rely far too heavily on the voices from experts! Well, these experts, such as Professor Roy Meadow, are hidebound in their thinking and have been proved to be quite fallible.

When social services get it wrong and abuse results in death as with Victoria Climbie, we have an "inquiry" after which they say they will put in changes. Lord Laming said "I remain amazed that nobody in any of the key agencies had the presence of mind to follow what are relatively straightforward procedures". Precisely the problem in real abuse cases!

With the Hardinghams they have accused them on the advice of doctors who seem convinced that a family of brittle bone sufferers could not have a child receive a spontaneous bone-break if the child's mother was not a sufferer! So they sought the full weight of a judgement in the Family Court and had the three children compulsorily adopted. The Hardinghams have been short-changed big time!

I wonder if the head of Norfolk Social Services was a person whose family suffered from brittle bone disease whether they would be so keen to take the path of zealotry over that of considered caution? And are these social service officials involved here because the Hardinghams are not exactly straight A student types so have been stereotyped by people who should know better?

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I saw that programme. It was truly shocking...an appalling injustice.

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