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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Foot in the Past - The Future's Tony!

This is an interesting article that I've just come across. "My socialist dream", care of the New Statesman, is Blair's vision (at the time for he has had several since!) of Socialism. It was all expressed in an extraordinary, 22-page, handwritten letter from the 29-year-old Blair to the then Labour leader, Michael Foot. Socialism is not now something I guess he rabbits away to Bush about.

The conclusion of the article is good - "It shows a rather gauche, excitable young man on the brink of what was to be a stellar political career. Critics might also argue that it exposes an empty mind, rather than an open spirit in search of knowledge of socialism and the Labour Party. It shows just how late Blair came to an understanding of politics. There is a strangely adolescent feeling to what he writes, suggesting a man who wants desperately to impress his leader."

How right the late Robin Cook was. This is EXACTLY what he spotted in Blair and had the guts to say so. Gordon Brown knows it too, but is too weak to express it. He will always regret the Granita deal!


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