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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lord Falconer in a muddle!

Lord Falconer is someone I may choose to have as my defence counsel should I ever have to be tried by a jury of my peers! He'd confuse the twelve good folk so much that they would find the prosecution's case totally implausible. That seems to be the great advantage of his services to Blair. Let everyone feel that they agree by them conveniently forgetting the question!!

Falconer is in favour of Scottish devolution but not English devolution. No problem there then. Except we still remember the question. It's called "The West Lothian Question" and he has no proper answer yet. So much for Constitutional Affairs. (Prescott seems to be the only minister capable of understanding a constitutional affair!).

Murky.org has an excellent line on this, and has written to the Last Lord Chancellor accordingly. I particularly like the line that says

You gave reasons why there should not be an English Parliament (namely that it would be bad for the Union), but you did not explain why the Scottish Parliament is not bad for the Union.

Let's hope Murky gets a reply soon!


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