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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Whitehall fights ID costs demand

Well, it's not much of a surprise! The whole concept of an ID card imposed on the British people is a horrendous thought, especially when Blair is the one proposing it. Apparently the government is battling to ensure that estimates of the benefits and risks of identity cards remain secret. They don't want us knowing much but the want to know MUCH about us!

The freedom of information watchdog, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, ruled that the papers drawn up by Department for Work and Pensions should be published. They think otherwise and are trying to get a court to overrule the Commissioner.

The LibDems have spotted something that the Tories, as lead opposition party, should have reckoned with. Nick Clegg, the LibDems Home Affairs spokesman said "The public has a right to know if the billions of pounds the government is committing to this massive project will be money well spent. It is a measure of the government's failure to justify ID cards that during the passage of the bill they never once released a full estimate of its costs and impact."

Doesn't the fact that the Spiv-in-Chief and his cronies DON'T want us to know the costs show that his mutterings about giving democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan fall a bit hollow. He is certainly less keen on delivering democracy here! The blighter hardly ever puts anything to the vote in Cabinet!! England is short-changed in his constitutional cookery! And his feeble-minded government has the active support of only 20% of the country!

Let's hope the Commissioner succeeds.



If there is nothing to hide then why hide it?
It wouldn't be that we are being made to have compulsory ID cards to help with the EU's new power grab and control of policing in Europe?
Our Government would never be that dishonest surely? ;)

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