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Friday, August 04, 2006

Please, Mr.Teacher, why are you not clever?

Here's a silly man! Simon Smith, a teacher from Essex, said it was important to avoid a culture which "mocks being clever". He told the Professional Association of Teachers' conference in Oxford that teachers should stop calling bright pupils "clever" for fear they might not be considered "cool" by classmates. Instead they should refer to academic high-achievers as "successful"!

A government spokesman said it was "not the brightest idea we have heard". Absolutely true, and it is because of people like Mr.Smith that the country is so intellectually challenged. There should be a correctional centre for dotty-minded teachers. And just why does he think that this dumbing-down, which is so prevalent today, be seen as a seal of approval so that classmates can determine what is cool or not?

Simon Smith and his amazing prancing brain!


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