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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Robust - the new buzz word!

Robust! That's the new buzz word from excited executives with something to hide. Just as Humpty Dumpty said. You can use "robust" to mean exactly what you want it to mean.

BAA executives are using it quite liberally. The airport operator (still being called an "Authority" by Sky News and the BBC!) has put in robust measures. Not that good it seems. A 12-year-old, believed to be from Penrith in Cumbria, was found on Monday's 0600 BST Monarch flight from Gatwick Airport before it took off. Tim Jeans, managing director of Monarch Airlines, said there were issues that "must and will be addressed". I'd say so. Robust ones!!

Anne Widdecombe puts it succinctly! "He could get through the whole lot including boarding the plane itself before anyone discovered that he hadn't got a passport, hadn't got a ticket, hadn't got a boarding pass, hadn't got an anything. It would be amazing any time and any place but in the present climate that really is amazing." As Anne says "perfectly flabbergasting"!

I have a hunch that BAA have only rushed things through in recent days. One hapless executive was saying it takes 5 days to train a security scanning operative. Were there no contigency plans? Did MI5/6 not suggest to the airports they might tighten things up a bit? John Reid did us all a favour by using the phrase "fit for purpose"! This young stowaway has proved a point. He was robust enough to get through. Is BAA really robust enough to follow through?


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