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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Singing the Blues!

David Cameron is pushing ahead with his ideas for more women MPs, Conservative ones, that is. His main stumbling block is the local association. Most have a formidable array of blue-rinse types, who seem to disparage other women doing the job. The remark "a woman's place is in the home" begs the question as to what these dotty dames are doing out at night choosing candidates for?

I live in a borough which has two women MPs. Caroline Spelman, a Conservative, and Lorely Burt, a Liberal Democrat. Both work hard, have previously worked for a living and both have families. Apart from their respective party allegiances, the constituents seem happy with their abilities.

Now one thing constituency associations could bear in mind is this. Women MPs don't bring you scandal. In the Tory party alone, I can recall male MPs having affairs, fiddling expenses, telling porkies, being with rent boys, and joining other parties!

Mrs.Thatcher is their heroine but they don't fancy a woman as an MP. Oh dear! And if they don't like what David Cameron is suggesting, what do they think of the opinion polls. Is he going to get to Downing Street despite them or with them?


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