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Monday, August 07, 2006

Tory Toffs?

The priggish Labour MP for Worcester, Michael (Mike) Foster has said of his newly selected opponent "Robin Walker is a Tory toff. But it is seats like Worcester which will determine the complexion of the next government." Mr.Walker is the son of Peter Walker, one of Mrs.Thatcher's cabinet.

If Foster thinks Robin Walker is a toff, what does that make our Prime Minister, a Fettes boy? Michael Howard, a grammar school boy said he wouldn't take lessons from a public school boy!

I suggest the voters of Worcester put inverted snobbery (a New Labour pastime!) out of their minds and vote for the candidate that will bring this country back from its present South Sea Bubble experience. With pensions going nowhere, private debt and bankruptcy soaring, NHS Trusts cooking the books, water running down the streets and a foreign policy that definitely is not ethical, would anyone vote for a New Labour zombie?

Mr.Robin Walker will be a good match for Mr.Foster!


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