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Friday, August 11, 2006

When it's time to go

Labour MP Rosie Cooper has been enquiring whether or not Lady Thatcher will get a state funeral. Blair ran this one up his tacky flagpole some while ago, but now appears double-minded. Nothing new there then! Personally, I don't think prime ministers should get state funerals unless they were unifying leaders during a national crisis, such as a war.

Ms Cooper says "There is still a negative reaction to Lady Thatcher in the north of England. Her policies had a dramatic impact on life in the North. She is not revered in the areas which suffered most during her tenure." Does Ms Cooper really think re-electing the Callaghan government in 1979 would have advantaged the country one jot. We'd probably have been a decade and a half behind every other country. Sick man of Europe? We'd have vomited ourselves stupid!

Train strikes, Arthur Scargill scoffing more sandwiches than was good for him in No.10, prices and incomes policies, and the rest. Oh, and the Falklands now the Malvinas. Patriotic bunch those unreconstructed socialists. Red flag? Always a bit of the traitor in the beliefs, I thought.

No, Ms Cooper, the North of England would have been as if Ena Sharples was still holding court!


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