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Monday, September 04, 2006

Blair's Hair

It has caused a ripple of mirth in news circles that Tony Blair appears to be dyeing his hair, with some varied results apparently. But that's not all. He is also using a make-up gadget called an Iwata. According to Louise Beard, a make-up artist at Sky News, which is the only British news channel to use the machine as the station increases its output of high definition programmes. "It's the latest thing in make-up and the results are amazing. It's great for the guys as it applies the make-up so subtly".

Blair should appear on Sky News more often to compare notes. But seriously, is he really thinking straight? What will the House of Commons make of all this when they eventually return from their long summer holidays? He will get taunts no doubt. But the real problem is that it shows him up to be more concerned about baldness and a youthful past than about accepting the natural progression of human maturity.


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