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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Green Eyed Monster seen in Starbucks!

I'm all in favour of businesses being run properly, but I'm also in favour of customers not trying it on. Starbucks got a promotion for free drinks slightly skewed by finding it had been "promoted" to the whole world on the internet. No sane or rational person would expect the company to honour such a deal if it had been so blatantly misused by people trying to abuse Starbucks.

Starbucks pulled the free drink offer, saying it had been redistributed beyond its original intent. But a customer, with I believe a "Bigbucks" idea instead, decided to take them on. She is launching a $114m (£60m) lawsuit against the coffee colossus. I hope she is told to clear off by the judge in question, if it ever gets to court.

All this greed in lawsuits is totally undignified. And don't you know, if she did win, it would be all of us poor sods picking up the tab in our insurance premiums!


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