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Saturday, September 02, 2006

A very fishy problem!

"The Scottish parliament can change the law as it applies in England without England having any say at all. Scotland may have complained for years about England pushing Scotland around, but here's a case where England won't even have any say or any part in the debate."

Guess what this is about? It's about fishing rights on the River Tweed. English people fishing from the English side of this river border will come under a Scottish law, capable of fining them for pulling out the wrong fish!

Tony Blair's bovine attempts at constitutional change (seemingly dreamed up by him and his old school pal Lord (Charlie) Falconer) have caused these errational problems. Blair had the brass neck to complain about English demands for an English parliament. Well, the fin rot's setting in.

More and more people are coming to realise how deceitful this Prime Minister has been. He has given Scottish MPs a cosy existence of having half the work load of English MPs but all the say in how England is governed! He should never have been allowed to tinker with the constitution whilst his brain appeared in first gear only!


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