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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Generally Speaking

Well, the cat's out of the bag. The head of the British Army has said the presence of UK armed forces in Iraq "exacerbates the security problems". Is the guy in charge of the country listening? Doubt it. He's sorting out his lecture tour of the United States and other lucrative venues around the globe.

Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, says the British should "get out some time soon. Let's face it, the military campaign we fought in 2003, effectively kicked the door in." And kicked it down, with all those lives with it. A complete tragedy. And North Korea, where the nutter running that poor god-forsaken country has allowed over two million people to starve to death, is kept at arm's length. No oil in them there hills!

It is said that Sir Richard might be issuing a "very public warning" to the next prime minister. Pity the spiv already there wasn't taken to one side and told a few home truths. Blimey, he didn't even know the difference between battlefield weapons and long-range missiles, or at least, he didn't ask in relation to the 45-minute claim! And Des Browne, the hapless moron in charge of defence? Sir Richard gave the apparatchik a dressing down about the "unaccepatble" treatment of injured soldiers, warning him that the government was in danger of breaking the "covenant" between a nation and its Army and should not "let the Army down." New Labour - new perils. I hope we won't be deceived a fourth time, or more correctly, not be so mistaken as to let the 20% who actively voted to support this gang rule the 80% who didn't!

What a world!!


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