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Monday, October 30, 2006

Standards of the Sneak

The so-called Standards Board for England is no more than a busybodies' career centre. It is the right and proper place for the school sneak to thrive. This is an intimidating outfit employing 100 staff and a team of ethical standards officers each paid £61,000 a year. No wonder it suits the sneaks!

"What are you going to do when you leave school, Jenkins?" "Oh, I'm joining the Standards Board, sir." "Well done, should do well there!" "I thought so, sir. After all, I've been the best prefect with regards to....there was the smoking behind the bike sheds, that missing book - Perkins was to blame for that - and that incident in the junior schoolroom. Tidied that up jolly well!" "Yes, you'll go far Jenkins. Monitoring Officers need resilience and a nose for trouble!"

Yes, it's just the place for the school sneak to thrive.

Robin Page, a councillor of some thirty years standing on South Cambridgeshire District Council is resigning. He is fed up with the posturing, the stifling of proper debate, and the constant threat that some jumped-up clerical person, described as a "Monitoring Officer", will come forward to "do him". He is already in the grips of this Blairite kangaroo court. Anybody from outside England should understand this -

Tony Blair is an uncontrollable control freak whose legislative programme is based on stifling local democracy and peddling untruths when it suits.

We need a Boston Tea Party to save us from this slide into a voiceless hell for the people of England!


"We need a Boston Tea Party to save us from this slide into a voiceless hell for the people of England!"

Try http://www.votersrevolt,org.uk

p.s. Why did I have to set up a blog I didn't want just to be able to post here?

Sorry. I mis-typed the link.
Its http://www.votersrevolt.org.uk

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