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Friday, November 24, 2006

Blair's Fund Raising Activities!!

Mandelson's old chum Blair, otherwise the Spiv-in-Chief, has been advising on new funding methods. Labour has been accused of using councillors' publicly-funded allowances to help pay off party debts. Don't they ever learn. Anyday now Blair is going to get a knock on the door by a policeman asking him about dodgy dealings. Is the rap sheet getting longer?

Labour said the cash was used to support its local group activities, but the Tories say a leaked memo shows funds are being sent to Labour Party headquarters rather than to fund local party activities. Sleaze watchdog the Standards Board for England said it had received a complaint from an ex-Labour councillor. Northumbria Police have also confirmed they have received a complaint from a former leader of Sunderland Council, Bryn Sidaway, who quit in protest at the levy.

It can only get worse!!


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