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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Collar Getting Felt?

Killer e-mail sends Blair into panic over cash for honours row!

Headline News in the Daily Mail. Apparently Blair is now said to be 'very worried' that he could be implicated as a result of the vast quantity of evidence obtained by police. "No one took the inquiry very seriously at the outset, and no one thought the PM would be in any difficulties,' said a senior Minister. Well, didn't it cross his mind to think that getting round his own legislation would cause problems? Things can only get worse! that should have been his more honest election slogan in 1997.

There are some choice remarks in this piece from the Mail. I like this one!
I'm quite confident he still has enough supplies of snake oils to slither out of this one.- Asp, Herts
But isn't all so sad that the moral fibre of the Cabinet is so weak?


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