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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Plymouth Brethren?

The left-wing council of Plymouth, from where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail to the New World, have become decidedly mean-minded and spiritually bankrupt. What was the Archbishop of York saying about atheist Britain?

These politically correct characters have now changed the parking fees in two car parks located near churches in Plymouth. They were free on Sunday mornings. Now it's £1 an hour to park!

A jobsworth said, in response to a letter of complaint, "Dispensation is not given to other religions. The basis of your representation was rejected on the grounds that the current free parking on a Sunday morning is discriminatory to other faiths and religious praying days."

But hold on! This is supposed to me a Christian country, is it not? If I were in Israel, I might expect free parking on a Saturday, or free parking on a Friday in Saudi Arabia. Fancy being a Christian complaining about parking charges on a Sunday in Jeddah?

These are the people running Britain, folks!! Do you like it?


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