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Friday, November 10, 2006

TV Takeover or Takeaway?

ITV has a possible suitor. The cable company NTL is seeking a merger. I think before they talk turkey maybe they can put their own house in order. NTL owns Telewest and through various "ownerships" they all seem to have a stake in UKTV and other cable broadcasters. These cable cheepskates offer no date as to when they will broadcast in widescreen. I know I have been advised it's because they don't have the money as it seems they are all going down a route of diminishing advertising returns. But as the retailers push more new-fangled products the broadcasters take a reverse turn!

Perhaps if they do get together they can, at last put a package together that gives the viewer a better deal. A deal that not only includes widescreen broadcasts, but decent local programming (ITV has almost given up), synchronised signals (Telewest still has voice and vision going at different speeds on some stations!) and easier recording facilities.

I wait with baited breath!


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