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Friday, December 29, 2006

Blair's Big Bee Gee Vacation

I may think Tony Blair is a lot of things but he is entitled to a private life, as is everyone else. Currently he is on a winter holiday break at the Florida home of Robin Gibb, erstwhile Bee Gee member. Some carping creeps have decided that Blair is not entitled to this break. They even go so far as to suggest he is trying to get some sort of "freebie" out of Gibb. So guess what? The plonkers in Downing Street have let it be known that Blair "is paying to use this home". They should have told everyone to "MYOB!" but that, of course, is not politically wise.

Now how many of us have paid to stay at friends houses? Do these carpers pay their friends or don't they have any? It's all a lot of silly nonsense.

Blair staying in Gibb's house (or mansion, as they would like it called!) has no bearing whatsoever on matters of State. The next time anyone says you can stay at their villa/cottage/mansion/whatever say "Oh I couldn't if I don't pay you wads of money, or give stacks of dosh to a deserving cause, as I don't want to be seen as a hypocritical sleazy freeloader, you know!"

Carpers everywhere? Get a new life in the New Year!


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